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Where's My Stuff?: Explaining the Supply Chain Disruptions

November 2021

The words "supply chain", "bottlenecks", "supply chain disruptors" are all words that seem to have become familiar household phrases. Supply chain disruptors are typically not words that we think about on a daily basis, that is until a pandemic hit, and exposed the fragility of the whole enterprise of goods and services reaching final consumers via supply chains.

What COVID-19 Means to Us

October 2021

The information about Covid-19 is confusing. You see it in passionate opinions on mask versus no mask, and vaccine versus no vaccine. Thus, it is timely to move beyond soundbites and share with you a point of view from a practitioner on the front lines, to explain what Covid-19 means to us. Dr. Alan Rissolo is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in Norwalk Connecticut who has been working inside patients mouths throughout the Pandemic.

The Financial Road Map to Managing Wealth

September 2021

Picture yourself living your retirement years comfortably or planning a dream vacation to a tropical oasis that you have always wanted to take. Imagine taking a long stroll on a picturesque beach, as you feel the warm, white sand between your toes, or as you hear the gentle waves of the aquamarine waters lapping the sands ever so languidly in front of you.

Our Career Politician Problem

August 2021

From a business perspective, why is there such a lack of judgment displayed by our Washington politicians? Perhaps the answer is the leaders of both political parties are career politicians. Most have never worked in the private sector, so they have no experience in understanding what business judgment is.

SPAC-ULATIONS on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

July 2021

There is a four-letter word that has gained a significant amount of momentum since the start of 2020. Those letters are S-P-A-C which stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company.

How Will inflation Impact Investing?

June 2021

We are all seeing increases in gas prices, food prices, lumber prices, and housing prices. The price index for GDP surged to 3.9% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 1.7% in the previous quarter. The core personal consumption and expenditures index, which excludes food and energy, had the biggest rise in twenty years.

Is Time On Our Side?

May 2021

Judging from the increased pedestrian foot traffic, warm spring breeze, flowering trees, the reopening of restaurants and entertainment venues to pre-pandemic levels, spring breathes anticipation of enthusiasm, hopefulness, and hints of some semblance of normalcy as we once knew it.

Are You Paying For This Government Spending?

April 2021

Since March of last year, we have seen an unfathomable amount of spending in both the Trump and Biden Administrations. During this short time, there have been 3 separate Covid-19 relief spending bills that collectively total $4.8 trillion.

The Windfall and Dangers of Meme Stocks

March 2021

On Monday, February 1, 2021, retail and institutional investors alike, awoke to the jubilation of cheers for GameStop across Reddit's chatroom, WallStreetBets, with boisterous and vociferous chants of "Buy high, sell low!"

How the Secure Act is Changing Your IRA

February 2021

The SECURE Act was supposed to help strengthen retirement security, expand the accessibility of retirement accounts, and enhance the preservation of savings for every American citizen. Although touted as a retirement enhancement, it has done the opposite for your long-term planning.

Investing in a World of Optimism

December 2020

When listening to the daily news it seems hard to be optimistic. Hospitals are overwhelmed. The total number of citizens infected with Covid-19 reaches new milestones. Cooped up and isolated, most everyone is dealing with Covid fatigue. Yet the stock markets seem to relentlessly trend higher. Why?

What's Going On?

November 2020

2020...what a year with unprecedented scenarios that were ever-changing. A deadly virus is spreading unchecked throughout the country. A government-mandated shutdown caused a brutal recession that triggered widespread layoffs and sharp declines in corporate profits. The result - the fastest bear market in history.

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