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Setting The Course

It's never too late to formalize your plan for the future. The most important factor is planning ahead. We begin our planning process with a confidential conversation to discuss your personal situation and help you clarify and prioritize your financial objectives. We encourage you to include family members in this discussion to talk about long-term financial goals you have for your family. This all-important first step has an instrumental role in setting the strategy for your investment portfolio and implementing the necessary wealth management strategies to meet your family's needs.

We help:

Generational Insights

Life is a series of transitions. No matter where you are in the course of life, we're here to help. From assisting with major events such as managing finances through divorce to planning for a loved one's long-term care, our multi-generational team of advisors has experience that spans decades, assisting with many different challenges across a range of financial matters. Relying on our years of Wall Street experience and a long history of managing money across all market cycles, our job is to smooth your financial journey and guide your wealth plan into the future.

Trustee Services

Listening to you, we work with estate planning and trust specialists to help translate your wealth intentions into an actionable plan. When appropriate, we are able to act as an independent trustee and provide your family personalized support and knowledge to ensure your legacy is managed prudently for the future. Diamant Asset Management offers long-term continuity, support and the peace of mind that we will represent your interests and serve as an independent fiduciary when managing and distributing your wealth.

As a fiduciary advisor, we have been investing assets in trust portfolios for many decades. We expertly guide and manage the portfolio to work effectively for the trust, the trustee and the beneficiaries.

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