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Customized Portfolios

As the investment world moves toward using model portfolios, ETFs and program trading, Diamant Asset Management offers a common-sense approach to investing that leverages the technology of today and taps the human element of insightful asset allocation and security selection. Our conservative, tax-advantaged investment strategy starts with setting your portfolio's asset allocation based on your needs and our analysis of broad market trends. Next, our team identifies the best securities for inclusion in your portfolio. Our creative investment solutions are specifically designed around your unique goals and objectives and include handpicked investments for inclusion in your custom portfolio.

Independent Research & Analysis

Fundamental security research and risk analysis is the cornerstone of our investment process. Our in-house research process seeks out investment opportunities that we believe have solid long-term growth potential and uniquely match your risk/return profile.

As students of the market, our team continually taps industry resources to obtain fresh perspectives and economic insights to help identify and select high quality investments for consideration. We draw on independent research from some of America's most well-known and respected sources such as Bloomberg, Value Line, Morningstar, Wall Street Journal and more.

We believe that combining our fundamental research approach with quantitative analysis provides you with the best way to meet your future financial needs. Ongoing monitoring of each portfolio keeps you on track and on the trajectory to meet your financial goals.

Our independent business structure combines the benefits of independent research and analysis with the deep resources, support and technology of our third-party custodian.

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